Cook with Spencer Watts

It’s time to cook with Chef Spencer Watts !

Interested in excellent cooking shows? Take a look at our titles featuring Chef Spencer Watts!

We are thrilled to present you two delightful cooking shows by the well-known Canadian Chef Spencer Watts, available for acquisition worldwide!

  • Comfort Food (30 x 30 min – 2 seasons) is ideal for warming up the soul with delicious dishes, especially during these chilly winter days!
  • Fun’Q (13 x 30 min – 1 season) showcases summer BBQ recipes in a beautiful backyard paradise, that is always a delight to watch!

It is easy to get captivated by Comfort Food and Fun’Q, as both of them are entertaining, mouthwatering, and engaging.
In addition to being delicious, they also have been produced in 4K and show excellent production values. Both programs can be acquired from us anytime you are ready!
Spencer has established himself with numerous previous shows, distributed globally across various TV channels and platforms. His fame rests on his ability to whip up delicious dishes, complemented by a playful demeanor, but most importantly, his mastery of cooking!
If you seek captivating cooking shows, we encourage you to reach out to us for further discussion!
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