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Ladies First Distribution is an independent French distribution company that offers a wide range of TV content targeting a female and family audience.

Ladies First was established in 2013 with a true commitment to entertain, educate, empower and focus on the diverse interests of today's modern women.

Our international catalog is a treasure trove of premium lifestyle-oriented, non-scripted content, carefully curated to engage and inspire. We distribute around 1000 hours of content worldwide, on all platforms. Our catalog continues to grow each year, and all new additions contribute to its overall success. Most of our programs are in stunning 4K resolution, which ensures an excellent visual experience for viewers.

Years of experience

We are proud to recommend premium TV content to our clients, and we are grateful for the extraordinary work of the producers who trust us with their creations.

We are passionate about the non-scripted world and are delighted to propose documentary series and magazines in different genres like :

It is important for us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and prospects, which is why we value human contact so strongly. Ladies First has been a partner of many TV channels and different platforms for many years, and we strive to provide the best content for our clients everywhere.

Feel free to reach out to our team with your inquiries and do not hesitate to register to our screening room to screen our programs anytime, anywhere. Create your playlist and get in touch with us to discuss the availability of the programs and the conditions to acquire them.

Our team is also available on various content markets to meet in person. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out what markets we participate in and let's set up a meeting!

Meet the Team
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