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Join the frenzy, if you haven’t already !

We bring to the MIPTV one of our cutest programs...

We look forward to meeting with you at MIPTV! If you don’t have a meeting with us yet, feel free to get in touch! If you don’t attend the market, let’s schedule a call or a video meeting, so that you don’t miss out on any of our shows! 😊

Among others, we will bring to the MIPTV one of our cutest programs, called PET FRENZY (24 x 30 min), ideal for a family audience. Each episode a new animal, a new owner, a new challenge and a new relationship to navigate.

‘Pet Frenzy’ allows us to have a sneak-peak into the life of pet-owners, who love their animals so much! These pets aren’t just ordinary pets; they are their babies, true family members. From dogs to alpacas, from fish to snails or spiders, there are surprising and unusual relationships to witness between humans and animals. Join the frenzy, if you haven’t already!🐱

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