The Dr Nandi Show

Make your health a priority with Dr. Nandi !

Airing on 7 networks, in 95 million homes in the US and over 80 countries, 'The Dr. Nandi show' is without a doubt a global success.

The Dr. Nandi Show‘ (264 eps x 1 hour) is a medical lifestyle TV show with a mission to improve the health of the world with compassion, empathy, and integrity.

Airing on 7 networks, in 95 million homes in the US and over 80 countries, ‘The Dr. Nandi show’ is without a doubt a global success.

Dr. Nandi takes a holistic approach to discussing health care, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle that incorporates compassion, purpose, and most importantly spirituality.

Dr. Nandi asks tough questions even when there may not be easy answers. His goal is to stimulate discussions that provoke patients, families, viewers, and the audience into recognizing problems and getting the help they need.

‘The Dr. Nandi Show’ covers important topics such as nutrition, fitness, and living your best overall life.Some countries such as the United States spend trillions of dollars annually on health care even when the majority of illnesses and diseases are preventable.

‘The Dr. Nandi Show’ encourages people to be their own “HEALTH HERO”and take preventative steps to live a better life.

In addition to the 264 episodes, there are also 2 more filmed in the South of France about meditation and mindfulness. Furthermore, there are 100 short clips available called Health Updates which give quick advice about various health-related topics.

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